What’s a “newbilly” you ask?

This blog is the story of an adventure. Now 50 years old, I’ve been tent camping since I was a toddler and have a genuine passion for the outdoors. My wife Sue, son Aaron and I have enjoyed many tent camping trips as a family, and we’ve had plenty of adventures.

But for all these years I’ve felt something bordering on disdain for people who take to the outdoors in an RV or trailer of some sort (we’ll call them all “RVers” here for simplicity). My opinions certainly weren’t that unique:

“That’s not really camping!”
“Why not just stay in a hotel?”
“You can’t really experience the outdoors in one of those!”

And because campsites in the RV/trailer section of most campgrounds tend to be less private than the tent section, and because many RVers tend to go a bit overboard on the equipment and decor side of things (lights on the awning? an outdoor TV?) I usually referred to them as “hillbillies” and to that area of the campground as “the hillbilly section.” Yes, I realize that’s highly derogatory and probably insulting to many. But that’s why it worked so well.

But I learned a funny thing along the way: those “hillbillies” include some of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and some interesting characters. And, of course, a healthy sprinkling of other types.

So here I am at age 51, the proud owner of a brand new fifth wheel trailer. That’s right: I’m a newly minted hillbilly. A “newbilly.”

This blog is the story of my adventures as a newbilly, and everything related to that journey.

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