Minnesota: land of the lost tourists

A failed redesign of the website used for making reservations in Minnesota state parks was discussed in an earlier post. The new website was supposed to launch March 1, but crashed. Here’s the latest:

MN reservation system still down

Thanks so much, DNR, for the timely message: it’s been a week since you’ve seen fit to update this notice, which speaks volumes about the importance you assign to this particular issue. Tourism dollars? Bah, who needs ’em!

Second, ‘thank you for your patience and loyalty‘? That’s a tad presumptuous, unless you assume that people aren’t going to take their tourism dollars elsewhere if they can’t even plan an overnight stay in a Minnesota state park. Loyalty implies faithfulness to a single individual, organization, country, etc., among a range of possible choices. So what are the alternatives for making camping reservations in Minnesota?

Oh, wait: there aren’t any. So at this point if you want to plan an overnight stay in a Minnesota state park you’re either SOL, or you can take your ‘loyal’ tourism dollars elsewhere.

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