Political choices that suck for all of us

From an article in the March 11, 2012, Duluth News Tribune:

Citing a Game and Fish Fund in “dire condition,” DNR officials are imploring legislators to approve hunting and fishing license fee increases soon. The Game and Fish Fund, supported mostly by license revenue, is projected to go into the red as soon as July 2013.

This would be the first fee increase since 2001, raising a resident fishing license from $17 to $24 and a resident small-game license from $19 to $22. A resident deer license would increase $4, to a total of $30.

“I’d like something not only with majority support, but support on both sides of the aisle,” McNamara said. “It’s going to be a tough sell. In this day and age, it’s going to be a tough sell.”

That’s because many legislators who have vowed not to raise taxes see the license fee increases as a form of taxation, said Garry Leaf of Sportsmen for Change.

Apparently once you’ve declared yourself a confirmed Grover Norquist fellator, there’s absolutely no going back. Even despite the fact that the fee increase has the support of a broad range of sportsmen’s groups — more than 60, according to MPR. Even though it’s really a minimal fee compared to the overall benefits it provides. Even though it makes sense. Even though there’s hardly a single consumer good on the face of the planet that hasn’t increased in price since 2001.

But I’d like to remind many of my fellow sportsmen — including, and maybe especially, supporters of Sportsmen for Change referenced above, which consistently backed a slate of candidates that was 95% Republican — that when you decided to support and vote for Republican candidates in Minnesota due solely to their position on gun ownership, or taxation, or whatever it was, that your chickens have now come home to roost, and the very activities you claim to appreciate most about this state will likely suffer as a result.

And that pretty much sucks for all of us, doesn’t it?

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