Trailers and RVs

Time to get the trailer out of storage

Last winter we had 86.6 inches of snow here in Minneapolis, the fourth-snowiest winter on record. We also had some bone-chilling cold spells with below-zero temps. Based on that experience and other factors, we decided to put the trailer in an indoor storage facility for the winter.

While a bit spendy — $500 for the season — we figured it was money well-spent if it helps prolong the lifespan of the trailer. I’ve seen many trailers that are stored outdoors year-round in this climate and it definitely shows. Plus, our parking setup at home isn’t ideal for keeping the trailer here.

Turns out we probably could have gotten away with storing the trailer outdoors this winter since we only got 22 inches of snow and it was one of the warmest on record. Who would have guessed?

Given the warm spring we’ve had so far, we decided to pick up the trailer a bit sooner than we initially planned. We’re heading up to the storage facility on Saturday morning. I have to admit that I’m a bit anxious, particularly about whether there will be any mouse damage. Fingers crossed.

And yes, we’re very excited to kick off our second season with the trailer!

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