All right, I take it back: Minnesota’s new camping reservations website is just dandy

I’ve now made several reservations on Minnesota’s new camping reservations website and I’ll have to admit that, overall, I’ve been very pleased with the experience.

Reservations website

While I wouldn’t say that it’s a big step ahead of the online reservations systems of other states, it does have some nice features and I didn’t experience any problems in making my reservations. (Finding open spots, however, was another matter.)

One nice feature on the new website is the popup image for individual campsites that is available when you hover over the campsite number. When making a reservation for a South Dakota state park recently I noticed that the popup image feature on that website is only available on the web page containing general information about the campground and not on the reservation website itself. If there aren’t many available spaces at a Minnesota campground it’s nice to get a quick glimpse of an open site to be sure it doesn’t have any undesirable features — like being located adjacent to an outhouse.

We’ve already made one trip to a Minnesota state park and have several more planned for the summer, including:

  • Whitewater in southeastern MN (again, for trout fishing)
  • Forestville/Mystery Cave in southern MN near the Iowa border (first time to this one)
  • Scenic in north-central MN (may have been here when I was a kid — not sure)
  • Itasca in north-central MN (stayed here at least twice, including once with Sue and Aaron)

The website launch was clearly a debacle, and may have cost the state some much-needed tourism dollars, but so far my experiences using the site have all been positive.

Now, where did I put that recipe for baked crow?

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