A trout fishing outing

My son Aaron, brother Tom and I went down to Whitewater State Park on Saturday to do a bit of trout fishing. We had a really good time even though the fishing was so-so.

The Whitewater River was very low, looking more like it does in mid-July — one of the many consequences of a winter with little snow.  The stream was running clear and, combined with low water levels, the trout were easily spooked. We managed to catch a few, however, particularly on Sunday after a storm front passed through Saturday afternoon.

Regardless of our luck with the trout, the beauty of the area is captivating.

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The weather turned really nice on Monday, of course, just when we had to pack up and go home. So it goes with vacations…

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  1. My son Josh, Grandson Keegan, Uncle Rob and myself made a trip to Whitewater area first weekend in May. Camped at Whitewater State Park, chased trout for a day and a half. Fishing was slow! Keegan (5 yrs old) not only caught the first fish Friday then proceeded to catch 3 more and the biggest of the trip! Geez, all I caught day 1 was a sucker and several ‘tree bass’. Day 2 wasn’t much better. I did manage to catch a nice one Saturday morning but that afternoon storms went through and that caused all fishing activity to cease. We departed Sunday morning having had a good time and are looking forward to a return trip next spring. Maybe we can hook up with Uncle’s John and Tom, and nephew Aaron next year.


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